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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Can I wear contact lenses?
A.) Successful contact lens wear is based on a number of factors, but recent advances in the contact lens field have allowed most patients to wear contact lenses successfully.  If you were once told you could not wear contact lenses, chances are things may have changed.  If you are interested in becoming a contact lens wearer, speak with one of our doctors.

Q.) My eyeglasses are always so thick.  Can the lenses be made thinner?
Newer, thinner lens materials are being developed all the time.  This, along with the proper grinding and appropriate frame selection could make your new glasses noticeably thinner.  Ask one of our doctors or staff if you are concerned with the thickness of your lenses.

Q.) I was told my child has a lazy eye.  Will she need surgery?
A.) Not only is surgical correction often unnecessary, this procedure remains controversial as to its risks and efficacy.  In most cases "lazy eyes" can be improved or corrected non-surgically through vision therapy.  Our doctors evaluate each individual case thoroughly and will recommend the most effective and non- invasive course of treatment.

Q.) Does your office accept my insurance plan?
We participate in a wide number of major insurance plans, such as US Healthcare, Vision Service Plan (VSP), Empire and many others.  Even if we are not participating members of your plan, we will be more than happy to assist you in providing your insurance company with any information they require to help you in reimbursement for your expenses.  Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about your insurance carrier.


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