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Vision Therapy for Children

Vision-related of any kind can have a serious impact on your child's performance in school.  

Does your child:

Complain of headaches or blurred vision?
Have difficulty reading?
Appear to have one eye that drifts in or out?
Use their finger to follow  lines of text?
Skip words when reading aloud?

Here's what you can do:

Try to help your child articulate their vision difficulties.  Do they have doubled vision, blurry vision, or have trouble focusing?
Speak with the child's teacher.  Does your child seem slow with reading tasks, or have trouble seeing the chalkboard?
Explain your concerns when you make your child's appointment.  We can schedule extra time for testing, if necessary.

The inability to see and process information correctly is a frequent cause of many learning difficulties.  Many times, a series of vision therapy visits or even just a new pair of glasses can greatly relieve or eliminate serious obstacles to your child's academic success.



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